HP TouchPad Likely to be Reborn with Windows 8

October 27, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, looks like the HP TouchPad is not going to be only a memory after all. A couple of months ago, when we heard HP was drawing the sword across it’s WebOS running tablet, we thought it to be the end.

But it seems it doesn’t end there. The company, under its new CEO Meg Whitman, might have a change of heart.

There are rumors that the company is planning on breathing new life into the TouchPad by integrating it with the yet-to-be released Windows 8.

This is supposed to work as a part of “proof-of-concept”. The HP hardware team is allegedly working their minds away and testing the Windows 8 developer release on the TouchPad, and there are even talks of a new device running the operating system being born.

This is certainly contrary to what HP had told the world back in August, about its plans to break away its PC hardware unit and having a changeover to enterprise software. Regarding the WebOS, the matters are still foggy, as we don’t yet know what the company intends to do with it.

HP has allegedly been in talks with HTC, LG, Nikon and Amazon, so it looks like the company is thinking of selling its software platform to the potential buyers.


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