The Sexy New Commodore: Definitely a “Brick House”

October 26, 2011, By George Lang

Device Magazine stays on top of every new kind of device in order to keep you up-to-date; but we have never seen anything that might “date” you quite like this!

In the late 1980s, the Commodore 64 became one of the most iconic images in computer history. The entire computer was housed inside the keyboard and held a grand total of 64k of memory (very powerful at the time).

The 21st Century Commodore 64

Well, you are about to see history repeat itself; and the new line of Commodore computers, once again, competes with some of the most powerful computers available on the market today. Be ready, however, for a keyboard that is heavier than a brick!

Optional Bluray Player

Expandable to up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM and offering an optional Blu-Ray player (seen on the left side of the keyboard above), the new Commodores emulate the retro “look” of the old machines only; inside, they are every bit as powerful as some of the newest computers on the market.

Retro-gamers and C64 emulators will love it; but I’ll let this guy tell you more about that. There is not enough Ritalin available on the market to make me sit through this video again…

The C64x Barebones model lists at $349.

Commodore Vic-Slim Model with Intel Core i5 Processor

The Commodore Vic-Slim model is available with an Intel Core i5 processor and it sells for $999. The all new, Linux-based Commodore OS (operating system), Ver. 1.0, will be shipped when available. In the meantime, you are “given” Ubuntu 10.10 on CD, ready to install, on all models. “The VIC-Slim is one of the most power efficient computers on the market with a power consumption of less than 17.5 Watts, which is one eighth of a traditional desktop PC. It is also whisper quiet at under 27 decibels” ( This is good news for those of us with a healthy, “green” conscience!

Granted, the neo-Commodores are targeted to a Woodstock generation of nostalgic consumers who grew up loving the original Volkswagen beetle. But dude, look how successful that “heavy” neo-beetle proved to be!


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