Android App Speaktoit Assistant is More Popular than iPhone 4S Siri [Video]

October 13, 2011, By Leo Xavier

You will most probably agree with us when we say that Apple failed to deliver anything awesome at the unveiling ceremony of its iPhone 4S. Although the device comes with a lot of hardware upgrades, it didn’t amaze people like all the past products from the company.

One of the device’s features that the company was so excited to tell everyone about was the Siri technology that “lets you use your voice to send…” well, many of you already know the rest of that announcement.

That description about Siri is just too much of an introduction for something that is already available on the market and is much more popular than Siri. We are talking about the Speaktoit Assistant Android app.


The Speaktoit app may not have a sleek name as Siri, but it has more features and downloads of the app have vaulted into the tens of thousands in the past week.

According to a spokesperson for Speaktoit, downloads have grown “400% in seven days” and the app is “adding 3,000 users a day based (so far) only on word of mouth and rave reviews on the Android Market”.

The free Android app is already doing many of the things that Siri will start offering tomorrow onwards.

Similar to Siri, Speaktoit understands conversational context. You just have to tell the app what it should do. It can send emails, send texts, look up information, post to Twitter, update your Facebook, find news, look up traffic, look up weather, and do much more.

But in addition to all those features, Speaktoit also lets you choose a cartoon avatar to converse with. Therefore it’s much more personal and fun.

Better still, the app learns as it’s used, making it more helpful with time. For example, users wanted the app to play music, and the functionality is available today.

Just in case you are wondering, the iOS and BlackBerry versions of the Speaktoit app will be available in the very near future. We will let you know when that happens. For now, check out the video and you can place your comments below.

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