Firefox Aurora 9 Sports Buttons on Awesome Bar, Offers Fast Browsing

October 3, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Firefox freaks, have you tried this out, as yet? The second edition of the recently-introduced Android version of Aurora is now out.

Christened Aurora 9, the web browser comes with a lot of changes in the features department – and they include a new interface, camera apps, start up and language support.

Significantly still, it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

Aurora promises a new improved interface that works smoothly in the Android mobiles and tablets. Users can now swipe and hide tabs to enjoy the full screen.

In the portrait mode, the tabs in the list on the top left will automatically disappear after the use. The refreshed Awesome bar comes with some additions like the back and bookmark buttons which will allow the users more ease in accessing the bookmarks, history and synced desktop activity.

From the new toolbar menu, you can easily go to the Preferences, Add-ons, Downloads and other Android menu options.

It comes with support for more than 30 languages and ensures faster start up especially on the devices with slower file systems. The new native camera apps will allow the users to take pictures directly from the web page. It also provides support for HTML 5 automatic input validation which will help the developers.

In Windows, Mac and Linux, the newly introduced JavaScript engine – Type Inference makes web browsing smoother. JavaScript DNT Detection is useful for web developers to find out the behavioral and tracking. In Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), you can find the updated toolbar, icon styles and improved multi-monitor support.

Download Aurora 9 into your devices and enjoy the fast web browsing and new features.


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