T-Mobile Open Letter to Customers Shares Woes Over Non-Availability of Apple iPhone 5

September 28, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Disappointment has set in for T-Mobile customers, with the carrier stating that the Apple iPhone 5 will not be seen on the network – at least for now. The iPhone 5 slated for October launch will hit Sprint, AT&T and Verizon.

An open letter posted by the T-Mobile to customers vents all frustration in not getting the iPhone 5. The letter, summarizing some of the earlier remarks of Cole Brodman, the carrier’s Chief Marketing Officer, said the company realizes this development will make customers sad.

Remember we had followed Brodman saying that it was now in Apple’s hand to decide on whether the device will roll on their network or not.

In addition, the company wants to offer the new iPhone with all the features to their customers seeing the one million-plus customers using the unlocked iPhone in their network now.

It is interesting to see the company speak about Android, showing the growth in popularity of the OS and the multiple options available in models, colors, sizes and others that can’t be matched by the iPhone. They also added that their focus was more on Android and 4G devices now.

Knowing the importance of iPhone, the company also stated that if Apple gives the go ahead, they could have a large gain in the current customer retention, new customers and revenue.

In future, there is a slight possibility of seeing the iPhone on the network if the merger with AT&T happens.

Till then, T-Mobile could be focusing more on their Android products, which they think are vital for their network.

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