Apple iPhone 5 Rumored Launch Supported by Block of Employees October Vacations

September 26, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There are many iPhone 5 rumors and still no official confirmation. Even when the rumored release date is just weeks away, we haven’t heard a word from Apple.

After more than a year since the last iPhone was released, customers have been waiting for some sign from the Cupertino based company about the fifth generation iPhone. All we have had are speculations-lots of them- and all are pointing to an October event.

To add fuel to the existing rumors, there are whispers going around suggesting October 4th to be the day of press conferences and revelations. Al Gore, a company board member, has been heard saying that there may be multiple iPhone models released next month.

What’s more, Apple has been, it seems, denying employees vacations for next month. The company has blacked out vacation time in some locations from October 9th through 12th and October 14th through 15th.

The first slot- October 9th to October 12th– may be the release windows for the iOS 5. The time fits in with rumored developer-related happenings during that timeframe. There has reportedly been an order given, to the company’s AppleCare divisions, to prepare for an influx of iOS-related inquiries during that time.

There’s also news of Twitter scheduling an event and what is called as “Developer Teatimes” for October 10 and October 12, with a focus on Twitter’s integration with iOS 5. This means that Apple’s policy of non-disclosure covering the new mobile OS will have terminated through the software’s public launch.

Furthermore, we expect the company to follow its tradition of releasing a major iOS update prior to the launch of a new iPhone, like it did with the previous generations. So if we get an iOS update around Monday, that would mean the second blackout window of October 14th and 15th (a Friday/Saturday) would pertain to the iPhone 5 arrival.

If these dates hold true to the rumors, then after the official introduction on October 4th, the company would be having 10 days to stack up pre-orders for the iPhone 5 before the official launch. After more than a year and half of waiting, the company is sure to have a huge turnout for the sale.


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