Finding Synced Live Mesh Data in SkyDrive

September 18, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Users of Windows Live accounts should probably know that their chat software can deliver a vast selection of excellent online bonuses, from Windows Live Movie Maker to Windows Family Security. Like Windows Live Messenger, these apps are all part of Windows Live Essentials 2011, a great free suite of tools that enhance Windows 7.

Among these tools is Windows Live Mesh, a useful application that allows you to sync vital photos, documents and other much-needed files from your PC to the Windows Live SkyDrive, free online storage that Microsoft offers to Windows Live account holders.

Setting up Windows Live Mesh is simple, and with your photos and documents synced to a remote server you never need fear potential data loss following a crash or hardware failure on your home PC.

However, it isn’t immediately clear where Live Mesh saves your synced data to. How on earth will you access it in the event of a computer meltdown?


Finding Synced Live Mesh Data in SkyDrive

Using Windows Live Mesh

We’ve covered installing and using the various apps of Windows Live Essentials in-depth earlier this year on DeviceMAG, so let’s ignore the installation process and assume that you’re using Windows Live Mesh already, but can’t find your synced data in the SkyDrive.

The first thing to do is open Windows Live Mesh (Start > Programs > Windows Live) and check the files you currently have synchronized with your computer. These will be listed on the Status tab under Folders, and if synced recently will have a pair of blue curved arrows to confirm this.

Expanding the synced items will allow you to check the local folder location as well as reveal the SkyDrive Synced Storage link – when clicked, this will open your browser and display the synced data in your SkyDrive.

Job done!

Or is it? Well, it’s perfect if you’re just checking that the data is successfully synced. But what do you do if your PC or laptop has crashed and you’ve headed out to a library or cyber café to login to your Windows Live account only to discover that you can’t find the synced data?

Finding the Synced Data

As good as the SkyDrive service is, when you sign into Windows Live things aren’t made as clear as perhaps they might be. The result of this is that you could be left to click around wildly when in fact the data is easy to find – as long as you know where to look.

Begin by signing into your Windows Live account in the browser, and then clicking the SkyDrive button at the top of the screen. Here, you will see a lot of data stored in your SkyDrive, but this is manually added data, or content that you have saved from a Windows Phone.

To find data synced via Windows Live Mesh, head instead to the View synced folders option. Here you will find a list of your synced folders and by simply clicking the directory you can start browsing the contents of the synced drive!

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