Play Games and View Photos on Your Kindle

September 15, 2011, By Christian Cawley

The Kindle e-reader from Amazon is one of the world’s most popular electronic devices, enabling the user to read downloaded e-books from Amazon and other sources. Using an e-ink display enables Kindle users to read for longer than they might with a standard tablet as the display is not too bright.

If the rumors are true, there could be big things in store for Amazon’s range of electronics but you don’t have to wait for an Amazon tablet to enjoy games and view photos as these (and various other features) are available via a selection of very cool Kindle hacks.

It’s amazing that such a compact device should be capable of running games and displaying photos natively, but these are just the tip of the iceberg of alternate ways that your Kindle can be used.

This is the first of as new series of articles looking at the Kindle, so don’t forget to check back regularly for more hacks.

Play Games and View Photos on Your Kindle

Hidden Kindle Games

While it’s hardly a Sony PlayStation Portable or Nintendo 3DS, the Kindle is capable of running basic games, notably the classic Windows game Minesweeper. This is the game in which you must clear all of the mines using logic, where you make your choice of the next square to clear based on the numbers that are displayed.

You can reveal your hidden copy of Minesweeper by switching on your Kindle, opening the Home menu and pressing ALT+SHIFT+M together. Playing the game is a case of using the arrow buttons and using Select to choose a tile to uncover.

Remarkably, there isn’t one but two games in your Kindle! The second is GoMuku, available via Minesweeper by pressing G. This is a tic-tac-toe sort of game with a similarity to the popular Connect 4, and pits you against your Kindle as you aim to get five in a row. Once you’re done with this you can switch back to Minesweeper by pressing M; the Kindle will keep track of your scores in each game.

Photos on Your Kindle

Another clever hack enables you to view your favorite photos on your e-reader. Before you do this, be aware that the quality won’t be great; they won’t be in color and you might wish to prepare your images using a favorite image editing application so that they have a smaller memory footprint.

When you’re done, connect your Kindle to your PC via USB and open Start > Computer to view the folders. Add a new folder called Images and within this create a subfolder, also called Images. In Images/Images paste your photos in JPEG format and then eject your Kindle.

On the Home screen menu, press ALT+Z to scan for new data, and the new Images folder should be displayed. You can launch the Image Viewer to browse your photos, using Q and W to zoom, E to reset and R to rotate the image, while F displays your pictures in full-screen mode!

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