Intel Thunderbolt Set For Windows PC Strike Next Year

September 15, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Communication technology is expanding in a rapid pace, and Intel knows that very well. As you all are aware, the chipmaker is stepping into the groove with their new high-speed communications protocol, called Thunderbolt.

The Intel Developer forum affirmed that the new technology will be launched in the Windows PCs by 2012. The company has stated that this high speed interconnect technology will be seen in the coming Windows devices, including the Ultrabooks from the Asus and Acer stables, by next year.

Codenamed Light Peak, the newly-developed Intel technology supports dual bi-directional data transfer through a copper cable at 10Gbps per channel.

It interconnects high-speed storage and media capture devices by way of a single thin cable.  The Thunderbolt, announced in February, made its first appearance inside the Apple MacBook Pro.

A demo run of Thunderbolt on the Windows PC was done by connecting a set of Intel SSDs. The process saw four uncompressed videos concurrently streamed at around 700Mbps.

We are just waiting to see this expanded partnership of the company with Microsoft turning out to be a huge success.

So all you Windows freaks out there, be ready as the Thunderbolt gets set to strike your PCs by next year.

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