Verizon Wireless Offers $50 Unlimited Prepaid Plan

September 14, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Verizon Wireless saves the day for its customers. All those people who are running on a tight pocket, with the need for unlimited data on a prepaid plan, will benefit from Verizon’s new saver deal.

The carrier announced $50 unlimited voice and data prepaid plan offer for its prepaid customers. The pay per minute for data usage in a prepaid plan tends to get expensive when you consider it in the long run, so this offer of Verizon’s certainly offers some breathing space.

This offer of Verizon’s is sure to give Sprint and T-Mobile’s prepaid options a run, and if you are looking for an alternative, then there’s AT&T’s $50 GoPhone prepaid plan to look into.

If you are wondering what Verizon has in store for $50, then think of unlimited talk, text and web usage. This Thursday will open the plan to any eligible Verizon Wireless customer, and if you are the proud owner of an iPhone, then would be a good time to switch.

Apple is expected to enter the prepaid market this fall with their cheaper version of the iPhone. The Cupertino-based company had said that it would be looking to “figure out” the prepaid market.

The CEO Tim Cook’s claims that Apple is not looking to make products that are “just for the rich” and if their cheaper iPhone model hits the market that takes advantage of Verizon’s current prepaid offer, then Apple might get a hit in their hands.

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