Verizon to Bring Forth HTC Vigor as Thunderbolt 2; Droid Charge May Make Way for Samsung Prime

September 13, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Big Red is turning a busier place lately. A slew of 4G LTE phones are all set to join the Verizon camp, and it looks like it’s going to be hectic days ahead. Yes, the carrier’s first LTE smartphones will soon get successors with enhanced specs, if you go by a leaked Verizon document.

Significantly enough, we hear the HTC Vigor will be the sequel to Thunderbolt. It is now out in the open that Verizon will name the device Thunderbolt 2. Meanwhile, the Samsung Prime smartphone will replace the Droid Charge.

The HTC Vigor was rumored to come sporting a powerful dual core CPU and a high-resolution HD display. It was also reported that the device will integrate Beats by Dr. Dre technology.

Vigor was supposed to launch under the Droid incredible HD branding, sporting a unique back cover that looks like an evolved form of the Incredible and the Incredible 2. It is now being hinted  that Verizon will offer HTC Vigor as Thunderbolt 2.

Moving on to the Samsung Prime, the device is likely to be the Nexus Prime or the Droid Prime that were spoken about, and comes with the model number SGCH-i515. If you would remember, the Droid Charge was  numbered SGCH-i510.

The revelations in the leaked Verizon document go in line with the past rumors that Verizon would not only be the first carrier to offer the Google branded Nexus device after the release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS, but they may be getting a variant of the Nexus Prime as their own Droid Prime.

Nothing is for sure yet; this is only a document supposedly leaked. We guess we need to wait a tad more before we zero in on these phones with the requisite dollars in hand.

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