RIM BlackBerry Knight Speculated to be Limited Edition

September 12, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

RIM’s performance this year has compelled many to ask the question whether they will remain in the smartphone race.

The company has suffered plummeting stock prices and also faced stiff competition from the iOS and Android rivals.

RIM had tried to make a comeback with the launch of their new OS, BlackBerry 7, and a handful of new handsets. But these were received appreciatively by BlackBerry fanatics only and so didn’t do much to elevate RIM’s position in the market.

The company had been reportedly working on the QNX platform with which they hope to compete with the other more popular platforms. Moreover, rumors have arisen of a mysterious, futuristic-looking gadget, which many claim is RIM’s upcoming device.

The buttons, specs and the majority of the ports match up almost exactly with the Bold 9900, which has thought to have been designed by Porsche. The screenshots we see sports the device with “PROCEEDING” etched across the front, so we are pretty sure that the device is not yet ready for the market.

The handset is doing the rounds under the name of BlackBerry Knight or BlackBerry R47 or 9980. It is possible that the phone might be intended as a limited-edition phone, which might be a smart move from RIM, if they are looking to rise high with the QNX platform.

If the rumors hold true and RIM releases this as a limited edition phone, then we might as well be prepared for a high price tag. With a look that can’t be called attractive, we wonder how the phone would fare if released.

Would you be willing to pick it up for, say, $1000?

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