Xbox Support is Coming to Steam

September 8, 2011, By Nicholas Davis

If you scroll on over to the Steam Support area where Valve provides support for users who are having difficulty with their Steam account, you’ll notice a tab that says “XBOX Support” in one of its options.


As of right now there are no versions of Steam on the Xbox 360 console. There are some games that have been ported from Valve that have been released on Steam such as Left 4 Dead one and two, Portal 2, Counter-Strike on the original XBOX, and The Orange Box which included Portal, and the Half-Life series. Valve has stated that SteamWorks is only on the Playstation 3 right now because of Microsoft’s disinclination to open up the Xbox Live infrastructure. It does bring up the question as to why Steam has a dedicated support section for an unsupported gaming platform.

Although it is doubtful that Steam and Xbox would team up in the future there is always that possibility. Xbox Live apps are becoming the new thing with YouTube, Bing, and Cloud storage coming within the next dashboard update. Why won’t Microsoft open Xbox Live to Steam’s front doors?

What do you think of  Xbox 360 with Steam Support? Let us know in the comments below.

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