T-Mobile All Hands Day on September 24; Gear Up for Something Big

September 7, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Wow, this sounds nice! In case you haven’t heard yet, T-Mobile is planning an “All Hands Day” for September 24 (a Saturday) ‘to support customer needs during an anticipated high-volume day’. A leaked staff note has revealed that retail store managers have been asked to shift staff from lighter workdays to Saturday.

Guys over at TmoNews have received emails indicating the call for an ‘All Hands Day’, but they are not sure about the exact nature of the event.

The pointers are on a high profile event, and we might get to see the unveiling of potential biggies such as Windows phone 7 Mango devices like the HTC Radar or Titan. We are not sure about that, as WP 7 has not managed to trigger enough demand to call for an all-hands launch. Or, may be, it could be the release of the Galaxy S II variant on T-Mobile.

Moreover, there is another tenuous possibility as well. The event could be a strategy-building measure, considering that the fifth generation the Apple iPhone is gearing up for launch.

The iPhone is not expected to be shipped until October, so this could be about preparing the staff for the launch, plus fielding questions from customers.

While we ponder over what the event is all about, mark the date September 24 on your calendar. For all you mobile phone enthusiasts, it might sure be a big day to look forward to.

What do you think will happen on September 24th?

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