343 Industries Announces Halo 4: Reclaimer Trilogy; Concept Art Included

August 29, 2011, By Nicholas Davis

Yesterday at PAX Prime, 343 Industries held a panel to talk to die hard Halo fans about their new Halo franchise and where it’s headed. One of the biggest announcements of 343’s panel was the name of the new series, The Reclaimer Trilogy. 343 Guilty Spark throughout the previous Halo games called Master Chief “The Reclaimer” so it seems 343 Industries is going to have Master Chief as the key character in the future installments of the Halo Franchise.

The plot behind Halo 4 is still a mystery and 343 kept quiet on any answers that might give away too many spoilers. They did reveal that old UNSC weapons would make a return as well as new weapons made from ForeRunner Technology. Co-Op mode was also announced but it was unclear if other players would just be a clone of Master Chief like in previous Halo games. Forge was a big part in the community and 343 Industries has made it clear that they will bring Forge back in Halo 4.

The panel stressed how important character development is to them and they really want to get in to the personality of Spartan 117 but to make sure that they don’t change what the Halo universe is.

343 Industries revealed some concept art of Halo 4 at their panel which you can view below. Halo 4 is expected to release Fall 2012.


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