HP TouchPad Price Slashed Down to $100

August 20, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s just been a day since HP announced that it’s going to stop production of its webOS devices, when news is out that the price of their TouchPad has been reduced drastically. Even though the date for announcing the reduction is August 20, the retailers are already throwing it in the bargain bin.

The company has sent memos to its HP affiliates declaring the beginning of price liquidation of TouchPad inventories. The modified price is $99 for the 16GB Touchpad and $149 for the 32GB edition.

Canadian retailers like Best Buy and Future Shop have already made the cut. The rumor wind is blowing in full swing with the news that the lowered price would be becoming official in the U.S on Saturday morning.

AT&T has also, reportedly, decided to cancel the launch of HP’s Pre 3 phone completely. This maybe due for the same reason of HP cancelling support of all its webOS hardware, a decision that is being criticized worldwide.

The price reduction reflects an attempt to clear-out stocks as fast as possible. It’s rumored that around 245,000 unsold tablets are left at one retail chain alone.

The knock-down of the price for the Touchpad could be one of the fastest and steepest discounts in technological history. Within just seven weeks, price dropped from $500 to $100.

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