Windows Phone 7 Tethering: Samsung Focus

August 19, 2011, By Christian Cawley

One of the drawbacks of the Windows Phone 7 platform is the lack of a tethering method for sharing your devices mobile Internet connection with a laptop, netbook or desktop computer. Sadly this was a feature that Microsoft did not include in the original specification for devices that would be running the platform, so it was ignored.

Or was it?

Certainly in the case of HTC, tethering your Windows Phone device is extremely tricky. This doesn’t mean that you cannot use devices from other manufacturers as a modem, however. One device that has proven popular as a Windows Phone that can be tethered is the Samsung Focus.

Windows Phone Tethering: Samsung Focus

Accessing the Diagnostic Menu

Samsung has made it very easy for users to access tethering mode on their Windows Phones. To get started, tap the phone button on your device, open the keypad and enter ##634# before tapping the Call button.

This enables the device’s diagnostic mode, which is where tethering can be enabled and configured.

A new gray screen will appear before the diagnostic keypad is displayed (you can tell you’re in diagnostic mode thanks to the “Diagnosis (ver.xxxx)” message at the top of the screen). Next, enter *#7284# to enter the Micro USB Test screen. Here the USB Path Control settings are displayed:

  • Zune Sync
  • Modem Tethered Call
  • Modem USB Diag

At this stage you should select Modem, Tethered Call. At this stage your phone will restart – don’t panic!

Configuring Your New Modem in Windows

As the phone restarts simply plug the device into your PC with the USB cable and wait as the drivers are installed. Once this process has completed, open Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adaptor Settings. Here you should find a new dial-up connection named SAMSUNG Modem, so right-click and select Connect.

At this stage you will need to enter the details for your carrier. Obviously these will differ from country to country and carrier to carrier. If you were on AT&T, the details would be as follows:

  • Password: CINGULAR1
  • Dial: *99***1#

When you click Dial, your phone should connect to the Internet, allowing you to share the connection on your Windows PC!

Where Are My Drivers?

While you should be able to connect your Samsung Focus to your PC and the drivers will be detected/downloaded automatically, this isn’t always the case. In the event of problems you will possibly need to download these from the Samsung website or via Windows Update.

Note that you will need to return your phone to the standard Zune sync mode when you’re done with tethering in order to enjoy the previous syncing. Many people forget to do this, and it is easily overlooked!

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