Tethering a Windows Phone from LG

August 19, 2011, By Christian Cawley

As you may know if you have been following these guides on Windows Phone 7, tethering was not specified as a feature by Microsoft when the initial device partners LG, Samsung, HTC and Dell first came on board. The result of this is that only a few of the phones natively offer tethering, although this function is hidden from view.

Exactly why Microsoft disabled tethering is not known although it is likely this was either an oversight, a feature Microsoft intended to trumpet later on or simply to appease the big mobile phone companies such as AT&T. Thanks to having several device manufacturers, however, tethering has slipped in to some phone models.

Fortunately it is possible to tether the LG Windows Phones, as explained below.

Tethering Windows Phone from LG

Getting Started Tethering Your LG Windows Phone

Before we get started with this, you will need to make sure that you have the LG USB Modem drivers. These should be available from the LG website, but you will also find them at http://depositfiles.com/en/files/m8hgk6z1f.

With this downloaded and your phone switched on and ready to connect to your PC via USB cable, tap the phone tile on your Windows Phone and enter the code ##634# and press Call. A list of applications will be displayed on the MFG screen – enter the following password to unlock this: 277634#*#.

You have now entered the technicians support area of your phone!

From here, open MFG and then go to Menu Engineer > Port Setting and choose USB Switching. From here you need to select QC COMPOSITE – the phone will reboot, so connect it to your PC.

Configuring Your LG Windows Phone as a Modem

Windows should detect the new device, which will be named LGE CDMA USB MODEM. Note that you may need to restart Windows after installation of the device drivers.

To configure the modem, go to Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adaptor Settings and right click LGE CDMA USB Modem, selecting Properties > Advanced.

You will see a text box for entering modem configuration instructions. These will differ depending on your mobile carrier, so you will need to do a search on Google to find the correct settings.

In the text box enter:


… here you will replace APN with your carrier’s details once you have find them.

Once this is done, click OK and then right-click the modem, select Properties and enter *99# as the dial number. You should only popular the user name and password fields if your carrier requires it.

When you’re ready to connect tap Dial and in a few moments you will be enjoying a mobile Internet connection on your PC or laptop via your LG Windows Phone!

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