RAGE HD Now Free On iTunes For One Week

August 19, 2011, By Christian Davis

Thankfully at least 100,000 of you gamers ‘Liked’ RAGE HD for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone because you can now get the game for free! Bethesda ran this promotion and is sticking true to their word. Their goal was met and they’re now rewarding you with a free game. Isn’t that great news to hear on a Friday morning? The game isn’t free forever though and you should pick it up before August 25th hits.

The handheld version of RAGE puts the player on the hit wasteland TV show, Mutant Bash TV. Thanks to the less than pleasant host, J.K Stiles, you must test your wits and survive the “carnage filled carnival of death.”

Despite the game being on Apple’s handhelds, the title is a first person shooter and a good looking one too. Its definitely a title you’d want to pick up, especially for everyone’s favorite price of free.

If you still haven’t “Liked” RAGE on Facebook, click here and do Bethesda a favor. Now that all this talking is done, I’m sure you’d want to get your free game now.

Click here to head over to the iTunes store and get your free copy of RAGE HD. Let us know what you think of the game after you download it in the comments below.

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