Celebrate Gears Of War 3 Going Gold With A Gears Of War 3 Cake

August 19, 2011, By Christian Davis

It’s officially done! The latest and final installment in the Locust and COG War is complete and will be in all our Xbox 360’s on September 20th. What better way to celebrate than with an incredible Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 Limited Edition Cake (try saying that 5 times fast).

We’re all excited for Gears of War 3 and you can definitely tell by the screenshots that the team is happy with the title being done.  The cake itself looks great. It looks just like the limited edition Xbox 360 complete with the signature Omen emblem the series is known for having.

What’s the best way to cut the cake? With a gigantic golden Gears of War 3 lancer of course! Naturally, Cliffy B and Rod Fergusson took the honorary job of cutting the cake. When a team looks like they’re having this much fun, you can expect the game to be ten times as enjoyable.

Check out the rest of the screenshot below and let us know if you’re excited for Gears of War 3? I sure am.

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