Xbox LIVE Indie Game FortressCraft Surpasses $1 Million

August 11, 2011, By Christian Davis

The Xbox LIVE Indie Game title that looked oddly similar to Minecraft has made some big money. A lot of indie games don’t surpass the $1 Million dollar mark, and by a lot we mean all of them. Indie games just don’t make that much money in their entire lifespan unfortunately. Minecraft FortressCraft made more than any of the past titles about six months; setting an Xbox LIVE Indie Game record.

According to the developers of Project Games, that’s a gross sales figure and they’re also claiming to have sold 350,000 copies of the title which is amazing for an Xbox LIVE Indie title; no doubt because of the similarities of the Minecraft.

Regardless on whether you think it’s a knock off or an homage, it’s better Project Games has their game out now. Because their biggest competition, Minecraft itself, is coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade. Without a doubt those 350,000 FortressCraft owners will switch over to the game that sold millions while still in beta.

Who out there has played FortressCraft? Let us know what you think of the title if you have.

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