Motorola Xoom Gets Android 2.3 Update from Verizon

August 6, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Xoom guys better be on alert for the new Android update. Verizon has started rolling out the Android 3.2 update for the Motorola Xoom 3G.

The HTJ85 update brings some subtle, yet nice features associated with the new OS. You get the Screen Scaling Compatibility Mode with which you can switch to double pixel mode for selected applications.

The update patches up the microSD card support, thus enabling you to use a file manager to view important files, pictures, music, videos and all that’s stored on your SD card, as well as write content to your SD card via connection to a PC or Mac. The update also enhances the entertainment sector and provides Adaptive Streaming Support for movies.

The option of adjusting the bit rate based on client bandwidth ensures you have an improved user experience. Stability fixes and HDMI rescaling accompany the upgrade.

For those who are slow on remembering their passwords, there’s an option of password recovery. The new Android has got quite a nice bundle and you can check for the update yourself or wait patiently for Verizon to slide it out for you.

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