Toshiba Thrive Software Update for Glitches Rolls Out

August 4, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Toshiba Thrive owners will be glad to know that the company has released the software update for the tablet. The 10-inch tablet was plagued by bug issues as soon as it was launched.

The company had admitted to the device’s problem and they had received a horde of user complaints regarding the Thrive’s sleep mode. Apparently, the tablet refused to wake up from its sleep mode.

Many users were expressing concerns and were of the opinion of returning their tablets back. The software update, the company says, will fix the sleep bug.

The update will also enhance multimedia playback capabilities. Though we have no further details on the multimedia improvements, we think it would be the addition of some features.

The Android 3 slate features a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor under the covers and holds a 5 megapixel rear camera coupled with a 2 megapixel front camera for video chat. The Thrive had been the company’s second such device, within twelve months, to get complaint letters due to software glitches.

But it’s nice to see the company make a comeback amidst the issue with a software fix. The update can be downloaded through the Toshiba Service Station app that comes preloaded with the tablet.

Did your Thrive face such an issue? Well, get the update and tell us if it’s fixed. And we would also like to know about those improved multimedia capabilities.

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