Call of Duty XP Attendees Will Receive A Free Copy Of Modern Warfare 3’s Hardened Edition

August 3, 2011, By Christian Davis

Most Call of Duty fans were already excited for the upcoming Call of Duty XP expo. The $150 price tag seemed a bit steep for some but this should convince a large majority. You’ve read the title of the article and no, it’s not a typo. All attendees will receive a free copy of Modern Warfare 3’s hardened edition.

The highly anticipated shooter from Activision won’t be out until November 8th, so attendees will receive a “special redemption code” when it becomes available. So if you think about it this way, half of the admission price for the expo is going to the game. So you’ll get the game, unlimited paintballing on Modern Warfare 2’s “Scrapyard” level, a recreation of “The Pit,”  and a whole lot more. For $150, it’s quite a bargain.

On top of that announcement, a Call of Duty comedy series will be available for Call of Duty Elite members. Being brought to us by Jason Bateman’s  and Will Arnett’s production company “dumbdumb” and Ben Silverman’s Electus Studio, Activision is going to have a Modern Warfare based live action short in collaboration with “We Can Pretend.”  You may remember the name We Can Pretend because of their FindMakarov production that caused everyone to think that a Modern Warfare ARG was on the way due to it’s production value.

After all of that, there’s still more. There will also be a “juggernaut sumo” (sumo wrestling in Modern Warfare 2’s Juggernaut suits) and “a military style zip line plunge across the Call of Duty XP compound.”

If you were still unsure about the expo, you’d better be sure now.

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