Rating and Reviewing Apps on WP7

July 28, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Since Windows Phone 7 launched in October 2010 developers have been racing to get on board with the platform, resulting in it being the fastest-growing mobile phone app market, reaching the magic number of 10000 apps in just under 5 months!

In contrast it took Android almost a full year to reach that figure, and the iPad a few weeks longer than Windows Phone.
Apps are an important part of any smartphone platform, and while there are a lot of good apps on Windows Phone, there are plenty of poor ones. Additionally, there are a fair few decent apps that are bubbling under the top of the download charts (which you can find in the Zune desktop client), many of which won’t be seen without a bit of help.

But who is going to help them?

Rating and Reviewing Apps on Windows Phone

Well, friend, as a Windows Phone 7 owner, you are in a position to help these undiscovered apps reach their intended audience by reviewing and rating them. Similarly, you can leave your thoughts about apps that don’t quite cut it, hopefully persuading anyone else contemplating using it to think again.

The facility to rate and review apps on Windows Phone is available in several places, from the Marketplace on the phone itself to the apps list and the Zune client on your PC or laptop.

Writing a Review and Awarding a Rating

If you are planning on writing reviews and leaving ratings, the secret is to be constructive. It isn’t wise or helpful to be needlessly insulting about the app in question; it might be the developer’s first attempt, for instance, so the secret is to offer encouragement while clearly stating what went wrong with the app.

You might, for instance, have found that the app doesn’t run too well on you particular Windows Phone. This might be because of the manufacturer, the carrier, or even the current OS version that you have installed, so all of this information should be provided in your review. You can find these details via Settings > About.

Feel free also to reply to other reviews and ratings, particularly if you feel that they are unfair in some way. In order for app development to thrive on Windows Phone, newcomers must be able to receive strong feedback so that they can learn from their shortcomings.

How to Add Reviews and Ratings

There are three ways in which you can leave a review for a Windows Phone app:

  • The Marketplace Hub – find the app you have dowloaded, select it, scroll down past the screenshots and select More reviews, where you will be able to rate and leave a few words about the app and why you liked/disliked it.
  • The Zune client – if you prefer to find and install apps via the Zune client rather than the Marketplace Hub on your phone, you can easily leave your feedback by searching for the app, finding its entry and clicking the Reviews > Write a review menu option.
  • Within the app launch screen – whether you are launching the app from the apps list or from the Games Hub, you can tap and hold to display a “rate and review” menu item for the app in question, which will immediately take you into the Marketplace hub.

When you next install an app for Windows Phone, remember the good you can do by taking a few seconds to review it!

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