The Penguin Brings A Friend In The New Arkham City Trailer

July 22, 2011, By Christian Davis

The Penguin can never fight fare can he? In the latest trailer for Batman: Arkham City, the Dark Knight sets out to free some hostages from the small, yet deadly grasp of the Penguin. It’s never that easy though and the Penguin has a giant surprise for Batman. If you don’t want to know who that villain is, don’t read any further.

The Penguin enlisted the nursery rhyme based villain, Solomon Grundy to do his dirty work. Rocksteady did a great job at showing how large enemies can be in Arkham Asylum with Killer Croc. Solomon Grundy looks to be even bigger than our reptilian foe.

If you don’t know who Solomon Grundy is, he’s a zombie super villain that can literally rip Batman and anyone who opposes him in half with just his fingers. Hopefully the boss fight for Solomon will be better than Killer Croc’s.

Who else would you like to see in Batman: Arkham City? Let us know in the comments below after you check out the trailer. I’d personally like to see Clay Face.

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