Game “Stream” Coming to Google+

July 22, 2011, By Christian Davis

There’s been some brief discussion about this for some time but nothing was ever really concrete. Gaming and Google+ was something that we were all wondering about since most social networking sites always seem to dive into gaming at some point. Today, Google confirmed that a game “stream” would be coming today under the description of the service’s streams.

The description states, “If you’re looking for updates shared from games, check out your Games stream.” That’s all the information we know about it so far. If you click on the Games stream link, it sends you to a blank page, but it’s definitely coming.

The next big question is what kind of gaming. Social gaming seems to be a logical choice. FarmVille, CivWorld, Restaurant City, etc… have all been great to Facebook and their users find it to be some of the most addicting things on the planet. However, something that would set the social network apart would be integration of your Xbox LIVE gamertag or PlayStation Network Gamertag. Being able to see your friend’s list and message them in your browser would be a really cool feature. Even a page that would show up on your profile that will link to your respective gamertags.

What do you think Google+ will utilize the Games stream for? Let us know in the comments.

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