Top Social Apps for Mac OS X Lion

July 18, 2011, By Christian Cawley

The new software paradigm on Mac OS X Lion – the presence of the Mac App Store for purchasing and downloading premium and free software – has suddenly made it very easy to get the best apps for your system installed in seconds.

As you have probable guessed, the Mac OS X app store is a desktop version of the iPhone apps store, enabling the user to install desktop apps rather than mobile ones. Many different types of software can be found here, from music creation tools to image editors as well as plenty of smaller-scale tools.

One of the types of software that you will find here are social networking tools for accessing instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook and many other online services. The options here are pretty wide-ranging, so we’ve compiled a list of suitable apps for you to try.

Let’s take a look at the best options for chat, Twitter and Facebook apps in Mac OS X!

Top Social Apps for Mac OS X Lion

Face Tab

You’ve probably guessed that this is a Facebook app, and it sits in the corner of your Mac’s desktop displaying the statuses of your friends while allowing you the ability to publish your own status update. You can also access your profile and send and receive messages using this free app, which offers a streamlined, games-free interface with the popular social networking site. While not the only Facebook app for Mac OS X, it is certainly one of the best.

Twitter for Mac

If you’re more of a Tweeter than a Facebooker, then Twitter for Mac is an official app from Twitter that allows you to stay up to date on the popular social microblogging service. With a single column display (as opposed to the more common multi-column interfaces seen in third party apps such as TweetDeck) Twitter for Mac features support for multiple accounts, URL shortening and has no API limit, meaning that unlike third party apps, this official tool won’t suffer from and update restrictions.


Meanwhile, if chat is more your thing then the free Trillian app for Mac can be used to access a wide selection of chat networks, from AIM and ICQ to Google Talk. You can also use it on the Windows Live and Yahoo! chat networks, although note that if any of these offer voice or video chat, you cannot access these services via Trillian.

Notable Mentions

There is much more to social networking tools on Mac OS X than this brief selection, however. Most notable mention must be given to Socialite, a premium app which is designed to allow you to manage all of your social accounts via a single interface. With a useful layout that makes it easy to work out what messages are from which account, Socialite certainly achieves what it sets out to do.,

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