Sprint Nexus S 4G Getting Android 2.3.5 Update on Monday; NFC Transceiver Support (Images Inside)

July 8, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Do you own a Nexus S 4G smartphone? If yes, then this is sure to get you excited. Sprint customers can now wait to see the new Android 2.3.5 update heading for your device, starting Monday.

In case you are wondering what the new update is worth, here’s the answer. The update, also known as system software GRJ90, will be capable of to delivering 4G fixes, tweaks, as well as full support for the Nexus S 4G smartphone’s secure NFC transceiver.

Though this piece of news may be seen as absolutely real, Google has preferred to main a studied silence on the update. What we think is that the new Android 2.3.5 update will bring to the fore some awesome NFC functions to smartphones, starting with the Nexus S 4G. We tend to believe that the update will start rolling out to other handsets to without much delay.

The GRJ90 system software will come with the ability to trigger the secure element in the NFC chip so as to put the Google Wallet to work. We have already got word on the company’s efforts to make the Google Wallet common place.

Are you okay with such an update coming to your smart device? Sprint customers of the Google Nexus S 4G must be waiting to see the update come to them this Monday. Tell us your experience.

In the meantime, we suggest you take a look at the images of the Google Wallet on the device as seen by guys at Droid Life. Tell us what you feel.

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