Apple iPhone 5 and iPad HD Gearing up For Release

July 8, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A few days back we had informed of you about Apple’s plans of releasing the iPhone 5 somewhere around fall. Cupertino had reportedly placed orders with suppliers in China, and there were rumors of the upcoming device being thinner and lighter than its predecessor.

There was also news about another new phone Apple was likely to develop for the New Year; a phone with new ways of charging. This less-expensive variation of the iPhone could also sport an edge-to-edge screen.

But the highlight of this article is not only that new phone. It’s also about a new member to the iPad family. A double resolution screen (2048 x 1536) slate, dubbed the “iPad HD”, is rumored to be growing on the Apple tree.

Don’t confuse the iPad HD with the iPad 3.Its not the same. Rather, it’s supposed to be a complimentary section of the iPad 2, which is aiming for the higher-end market. We think it’s specifically for folks who work in video and photo production.

Cupertino’s alleged experimentation of their iPhone 5 may have been the reason why snippets of an iPhone 4S were doing the rounds. It is likely that since the components of the iPhone 5 are (reportedly) lighter, Apple must have tested their new parts in old iPhone cases, raising a furore in tech world.

It seems that Apple’s higher level officials are tired of the old device design and are looking to develop something new. And ‘new’ is Cupertino’s middle name, seeing as they are bumping up surprises every now and then.

Coming fall, we might get to see their new phone and pad. But, as it has always been with Apple, you wont know what’s hit you till its out in the open.

Stay with us and we will catch you the latest Apple bits.

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