Adding, Editing and Merging Contacts on WP7

July 7, 2011, By Christian Cawley

With a Windows Phone 7 device you get the benefit of a superb new mobile operating system, a high specification handset and a slick user interface that gathers together similar apps and information types.

These groups are called “hubs”, and the one you will probably access the most is the People Hub. Here you can access contacts, email and call them, view their social network status and even engage in conversation with them over the web.

However there is more to the People Hub than integration with Facebook; this is the part of the phone where you add new contacts and make any necessary alterations when people change phone numbers. As such you should be fully aware of how this works – and fortunately, it is pretty simple!

Adding, editing and merging contacts in Windows Phone

Adding & Editing New Contacts in Windows Phone 7

Microsoft’s Metro user interface makes the task of adding a new contact extremely easy. Simply open the People Hub and tap + to access the New Contact screen, where you can add a Name, Phone, Email, assign a Ringtone and add Other relevant information. You will also be able to use the Add photo option to display an image for this contact, as well as select between your Windows Live and Google contacts lists to save the person to.

When done, all you need to do is tap the Save button!

When adding contacts to Windows Phone 7, if the individual concerned has a Facebook account, you will be able to merge this with your existing contact information by adding the person as a friend; alternatively, if you have Facebook integration activated and the person already exists in  your contacts you can use the linking tool to group multiple records for the same contact!

Linking Contacts from Different Networks

If you have Facebook or Windows Live contacts on your phone, you might find that there is some duplication; after all, one or more contacts might have Facebook and Windows Live accounts, in addition to originating on your SIM card.

In order to deal with this and avoid duplication, Windows Phone offers a useful linking tool that allows you to associate records, thereby presenting you with a single profile rather than several. All contact details are merged under this single linked record, so you won’t lose any numbers or email addresses by doing this.

To link contacts into one item, find the first record and open it, before tapping the Link button on the ellipses menu. Next, tap Choose a contact and browse through your full list of contacts; if you have a lot, use the Search button to find the name of the contact.

With the contact found, tap to select and you will then see the two linked profiles. To remove a linked contact, tap and hold one of the items and select Unlink.

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