Apple MacBook Air Notebooks with Sandy Bridge May Turn Up by Early July

June 13, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

MacBook Air notebooks have been a source of curiosity even in these times when tablets are ruling the market. A product refresh in these series is always something Apple fans eager to look for. The popularity itself makes it one of the most rumored devices in the tech news world. As per the latest of these rumors Apple is planning to bring out their new Mac Book Air machines as early as July.

The Cupertino company has placed orders for 380000 machines packed with Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors, and they are expected to present a better performance in the market.

The models under production are both 11.6 inch version and 13.3 inch version. The fact that Apple has placed an order for the machines now, indicates that the machines may turn up for sale by the early July.

Interestingly, the MacBook giant seems to make most of the slight upper edge the smaller version enjoys in the market. A majority of the newly placed orders are expected for the 11.6 inch machine.

These machines along with their 13.3 counterparts are heard to get Intel’s 32 nanometer sandy Bridge chip architecture. The ultra low voltage chips from Intel like Core i5 and Core i7 packed in these Sandy Bridge machines will help them beef up their performance while bringing down the power consumption.

Though we have also heard rumors about Apple testing the A5 processor used in the new iPad 2 for Mac Book Air, it seems we will have to wait more to get a glimpse of it since the testing is in the early stages.

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