E3 2011: Modern Warfare 3 Video footage and Release Date

June 6, 2011, By Nicholas Davis

Microsoft’s press conference just ended minutes ago and they had a blow out. Starting off with one of the most anticipated games and well known series was a great way to get the crowd excited. Modern Warfare 3 looks amazing. The cinematic gameplay was exciting and had you grip your seat throughout the entire in game demo.

The video shown below shows a lot of new elements to the game as well as some old favorites returning. Throughout the video you can see old weapons return including the AK-74u as well as the AA 12 which is that devastating automatic shotgun. Breach mode also looks to return this time around which was an amazing feature to add in the last Call of Duty installment.

Although there was no multiplayer shown single player was more than enough. The campaign looks incredible. From Navy ships blowing up around you while zipping through on a speed boat to sky scrappers  in the background getting blown apart by missiles shooting out from jets. The campaign will not disappoint visually and it certainly does not look to fail in the gameplay department. Modern Warfare 3 is looking at a November 8 2011 release date. The video shown below is breath taking.

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