HP TouchPad Makes an Impression at the SanDisk Booth at Computex 2011 (Video)

June 1, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Later this month, may be by June 12th, we might get to have the HP TouchPad in our hands for real. There have been leaks earlier, but we have been waiting for something more concrete on the webOS-powered device.  Now with the Computex in full flow in Taipei, it was a given that the device could be somewhere over there. And, it –  indeed – is present there!

Attendees needn’t look for the HP pavilion over there to have a sneak peek at the TouchPad. For, it is somewhere else the tablet was spied. Folks at Gadgets Magazine managed to get their hands on the device at a very unlikely place. The HP TouchPad was spied at the SanDisk booth, and that comes as a surprise.

Think again, and it may not look as a surprise as SanDisk is a hardware partner for HP. That could also mean that SanDisk will be responsible for the storage that the TouchPad would boast of.

The video shot at the SanDisk booth tells us more about the HP TouchPad. The much enticing slate has been designed to evoke enough interest among those who are looking for a charmer of a tablet. Pages rotate easily and with much friendliness.

And that’s not all. Going by what we see, we think this slate has all in it to take on the rivals that are already in the market and – of course – some of those that are gearing up for release.

Take a look at the video yourself and you will know what we mean. Tell us if you will want to own this as soon as it rolls out.

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