Apple iPad 3 Right on Track for Early-2012 Roll Out; Cupertino Kicks Off Component Certification

June 1, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Even as the Apple iPad 2 is ruling high controlling market forces with élan, the tech horizon has started talking about the their iteration of the tablet.  Much is being spoken about on the hugely potential device, and now we get wind of something new on that front. Apple is said to have begun the process of certifying components designed to be used in the third generation of the iPad.

Folks at Digtimes have come up with confirmation on that front, though the Apple iPad 3 is expected only sometime during the beginning of next year. It is being noted that certification of component makers such as Radiant Opto-Electronics and Taiwan-based Chimei Innolux is almost over.

Said to sport a screen size of 9.7 inches as in the case of the iPad 2, the third generation iPad will get backlight modules and light bars from Taiwan companies. Meanwhile, the actual panels are to be supplied by Chimei Innolux. If you have been tracking news on Apple for some time now, you would know South Korean companies – including Samsung and LG Display – have been panel suppliers.

With the certification of companies having been kick started, we guess we have enough reasons to believe that the iPad 3 is right on track.  That also evokes the query as to whether the iPad 2 will fade into oblivion as soon as the third generation device arrives. iPad 2 owners needn’t worry. Chances are that the iPad 2 will be retained and have its price lowered as a budget-priced option once the third generation device makes its entry.

The report has also rubbished speculations that had earlier said that the iPad 3 would sport AMOLED panels. More on that later as we expect juicy info to start flowing in from now on. Stay tuned.

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