Motorola Atrix Indeed Has Voice Quality Issues; But Do We Have a Solution As Yet?

March 25, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you own a Motorola Atrix, may be, you are already aware of the problem by now. Motorola’s support forum is getting flooded with user complaints about the Atrix voice quality, with most of them saying that users of Atrix find their voice muffled when they use the device.

Those who migrated from iPhones and other similar devices feel that the difference is terrible. Though Motorola has admitted the existence of such an issue, they are yet to roll out a solution.

The issue of muffled voice is reported as happening even when the phone is used in silent environments. In an attempt to find a possible reason behind the anomaly, Motorola has asked users certain specific information to be included in the complaints.

The forum support manager from Motorola has asked the users to make clear whether they use a case or screen protector. He also wants to know the brands of such accessories, if used.

There are interesting details that the company wants to know, like whether the gents who experienced the issue have facial hair! Motorola also wants to know if users cover the secondary microphone on the back of the phone.

The company also wants the users to check their Noise Suppression settings.

But many users have said that they are experiencing the problem even after putting the Noise Suppression off or to normal levels.

Digging deep into the issue so as to find any possible causes, Motorola has asked the users about the signal strength and geographical conditions.

However, despite these vivid details, users are yet to get an official fix from Motorola. Swapping the set with another new Atrix has fixed the issue for some, but not for all.

The issue seems to be some technical glitch with some batches of Atrix devices in the market, it seems.

At least some of the users found that using a Bluetooth headset helps eliminating the problem, but it is not suggested as an official solution.

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