Apple iPad 2 in 25 Countries; What Will You Have to Pay to Get One?

March 25, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s second generation iPad is starting to roll out to 25 markets across the globe and the company has revealed the prices for its latest tablet device in these markets. Well, it seems that folks in Australia and Newland will have the luck to pick an iPad2 for the cheapest prices available all over the globe.

Countries in the euro zone will have similar pricing for this 9.7 incher tab from Apple.  Euro zone markets will sell iPad 2 Wi-Fi only version for €479 for 16GB model while the 32 GB version will cost €579. The 64 GB version of the WiFi only iPad 2 will come with a price tag of €679.

The iPad 2 units with 3G capability will be available for an additional price of €120. However, due to government fees, iPad 2 will become a little more expensive in the French market when compared to other markets in the Euro zone.

In the UK – we have already told you this –  the WiFi-only iPad2 will have a price of £399 for 16 GB unit, £ 479 for 32 GB unit and £559 for a 64 GB unit. If you are ready to pay £100 more to the respective prices, you can get a 3G enabled unit with similar internal storage.  If you go for a deal which includes a contract, these devices get cheaper further.

As per the pricing information available from Apple, Denmark, Norway and Sweden will offer the highest prices for the iPad2 among the 25 new countries getting it. You can have the price list here.

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