Firefox 4 now out and available for download

March 22, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Mozilla has just made Firefox 4 available and open for download. When Firefox 3 came out, it became the most downloaded software by setting numbers in the range of 8 million in just the first 24-hours after launch. Now we have the jump from the 3.6.15 version of the Firefox we are currently suing to Firefox 4 and the latest download that is obviously free, is expected to generate as much interest as Firefox 3, if not more.

Remember that Firefox is still the leading web OS and along with Chrome, one of the most trusted web browsers on the planet with 400 million active users. While others have released various versions of their web browsers in the past couple of years Mozilla has launched Firefox 4 after 12 public betas, two release candidates, and nearly a year of development.

It will now be interesting to see if it can recapture some of the market that it lost out to Google Chrome. There is the obvious speed improvement in the latest version of Firefox as Mozilla claims that Firefox 4 is three to six times faster than Firefox 3.6. There is a new ‘do-not-track’ feature which enables you to cut down on advertising pop-ups and relives you their frequent nuisance.

There is also a ‘Sync’ feature that allows you to Sync your bookmarks, passwords, preferences, and history with your Smartphone, making life a lot easier for Android mobile users out there. There are security holes that have been patched up and all this is just what appears on the top. Seems like Firefox 4 is definitely worth a look for all those who are currently on a different web browser!

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