Creating an Email Signature with Outlook

March 20, 2011, By Christian Cawley

One of the most impressive things that you can do when sending an email is to include a signature.

Whether this reads “Regards, Bill” or features a full set of contact options, it is guaranteed, if correctly implemented, to be noticed and impress the recipient.

Signatures can be configured in Outlook to be attached to all messages that you send and even those that your Reply to or Forward, and can be setup as plain text or HTML, the latter allowing for flexible display options.

Creating an email signature with Outlook

Creating a Basic Signature in Outlook 2010

In order to add a signature to your email messages in Outlook 2010, go to File > Options > Mail and find the Signatures button under Compose messages.

This will open the Signatures and Stationery window into which you can add your signature. Begin by checking you have the correct email account selected on the right (applicable only if you are using two accounts) and then click New. Give the signature a name and click OK – in the Edit signature area you will then be able to add your details.

For instance you might sign-off each message with “Best regards” followed by your name, or you might opt for something similar to the illustration above.

Either way you have a variety of formatting options at your disposal, with the ability to change the font type and size, apply bold, underlined and italic text, select a colour and even apply left, right and center justification, not to mention inserting images, hyperlinks and a business card.

Once you’re happy with the signature, click Save and then on the right-hand side decide how you would like it to be used on new messages, replies and forwards. Click OK to finish.

If you took advantage of the option to incorporate a hyperlink (which might have been a link to a Twitter account or webpage) there is one last thing you should do – in File > Options > Mail look for the Compose messages section (near the top) and set the format to HTML.

Adding Your Signature to an Email Message

While you might have setup a default signature for your email account and the type of message you are sending this can be altered when you come to compose a message.

For instance you might have opted to only use the signature in new messages, but find that as a group of people have been sent the same email you feel it would be sensible to include your signature so that everyone knows who is communicating with them.

To do this you would select Reply All from the Home tab in the main Outlook view and then in the email message window go to Insert > Signature to choose the signature that you want to include. You can add the signature at any time – it will default to the lower-portion of the message.

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