Interview with Adhesive Games; Creators of Hawken

March 15, 2011, By Christian Davis

When was the last time you played a decent Mech game? Mech Assault on the original Xbox or Chrome hounds during the early life of the Xbox 360? That’s really all there is, unless you spent several hundred dollars to play the overly complicated Steel Batallion. Adhesive Games is going to set the record straight and in my opinion, make one of the best, if not the best mech game we’ve ever seen. That game is called Hawken and it’s amazing what one trailer can do.

Their new trailer showed about 2 minutes of gameplay and it was breathtaking to say the least. Graphically it was leaps and bounds over some of today’s biggest titles and is still very early in development. Despite their extraordinarily busy schedule, Adhesive games was able to share a few words with us about Hawken.

So can you inform us about the story of Hawken?

We can’t say much about the story at this point in time, since it’s still in progress and subject to change.  However, since our game is almost completely focused on a multiplayer experience, the story will have less of a role on gameplay than a single player game with a linear campaign mode.

There hasn’t been a mech based game in quite a while. Was that the reason you guys decided to make one?

We mainly decided on a mech game because it was something we all found interesting, and that we could get excited about working on.  Mech games have died out in recent years, and we wanted to see what we could offer the genre with our own style of environments and faster paced action and gameplay.

How long has Hawken game been in development for?

Hawken has been in development for just about 9 months now and we’re very happy with the progress we’ve made.  For the first few months there were only about 5 of us working on the project, but with the inclusion of several interns and freelance artists we are currently at 9 members.

The trailer you showed had some extremely impressive visuals. What engine are you using?

We are using the Unreal Engine, and are quite pleased by what we’ve been able to achieve with it. By using the Unreal Development Kit we immediately had the foundation of some impressive technology at literally no up-front cost.

The map that the trailer took place in was expansive. How large can we expect multiplayer maps to be?

The environments all feel very expansive and open, but the sizes will vary depending on the particular map and the game mode selected.  We want to avoid having players wandering around forever without running into other mechs, so we are trying to strike a balance between impressive size and exciting interactions.

Most mech games in the past have been in third person. Why did the team decide to take a first person approach?

There’s something inherently visceral and exciting about being smack in the middle of an enclosed cockpit… surrounded by glass, steel, and blinking lights and controls.  You can’t help but become instantly immersed in this world.  You feel every jolt and impact from the movement of the vehicle and weapons, and there’s a real sense of scale as well as danger.   You ARE the pilot.  A first person perspective just felt like the obvious fit for our game, to deliver that kind of immersion.

Do you think the lack of mech games over time could potentially hinder your titles popularity or do you feel you guys are giving the franchise a reboot?

We think there’s definitely a market for mech games out there, gamers just love giant robots!  Hopefully people who have enjoyed past mech franchises like the Mechwarrior series will still enjoy what we are creating.   We aren’t here to reinvent or reboot the genre, we just want to deliver exciting mech combat with our own unique style.

In the trailer, there was a large ship flying through the sky and it seemed like it was shooting missiles. Is that some sort of kill streak?

We will release more information on this in the future, but that clip is from one of our unique multiplayer modes where a team can enlist the aid of these giant battleships to attack enemies.

There was a nice variety of vehicles shown in the trailer. What kind of customization will the players have at their disposal?

Again I can’t go into too much detail, but we will be providing a certain amount of customization regarding weapon loadout, special items, and even attributes such as speed, defense, etc..

Everyone wants to see more from the game, can we expect to see Adhesive Games at E3?

We really appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm, and we’ve been blown away by the response to our first trailer.  It’s taken us by surprise actually.  We don’t have plans for any sort of booth or presentation at E3 this year, although the members of team will be attending the event.  As far as new updates and content, we should be releasing more information and videos in the near future so stay tuned to our website, .  We also have a Hawken Facebook page and Adhesive Games Twitter account if you’re into that sort of thing.

Final Question guys, what platforms can we expect to see Hawken on?

Currently we are exploring our options as far as publishers and we aren’t sure exactly what platforms Hawken will be released on.   In a perfect world, we’d love to bring the game to PC, XBL and PSN, but at the moment we can’t make any promises.

For those who missed it, here’s the games trailer below.

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