Warner Bros. on Facebook: Renting movies for Facebook credit and cash

March 9, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Seems like Warner Bros. has decided that they will try and make all the money they can instead of letting pirated copies of movies float around on net. It might not be much now, but every penny gained from a new source is worth it. The company has decided to rent movies via Facebook and the first movie that you can watch is ‘The Dark Knights’. Heath Ledger fans on Facebook should be pleased about this one.

You can catch the movie (if you have not done it many times earlier) now for either 30 Facebook credits or for $3, depending on your convenience. Warner Bros. has already offered the movie on iTunes in a special app along with The Departed and now they are trying to see if people will shell out $3 for the movie on Facebook.

There are no additional details available on the quality of content and other details of the service, but you can apparently pause and play the movie for a 48 hours period. Obviously one flick at $3 is no competition to the likes of Netflix or Amazon yet, but maybe sometime in the future, Facebook can generate considerable revenue in this fashion as well.

So, renting it on Facebook?

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