Adding Titles and Credits to Movie Maker

March 8, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If you’ve been following this series of tutorials on Window Live Movie Maker then you will be familiar with adding new clips and transitions, styles, special effects and music – but what about finishing off the movie project with some titles?

Window Live Movie Maker features a useful set of tools for adding Titles, Captions and Credits to your project, with various options such as adjustable fonts, special effects, and the ability to specify particular roles such as Director and Starring which can be added as your project’s “end credits”.

In addition, captions can be added to any position of the movie, just as audio can be moved around, and these are overlaid on the action wherever you specify.

Adding titles and credits to Movie Maker

Adding Titles to Your Window Live Movie Maker Project

For a professional-looking opening to your project, the Title button on the Home tab will provide you with the option to add some text to the first few frames of the movie.

When you use the Title button you will be taken to the Text Tools Format tab, where you can enter a title for the project to be displayed on screen. Various typical text tools will be displayed, such as your Windows fonts, the ability to change font size and colour as well as setting your paragraph justification. Additionally you can set a background colour as well as a start time for the text to appear.

Note that you can add multiple title screens should you wish; these might appear in sequence or be placed between clips throughout the project.

Adding a Caption to Your Movie Project

It is also possible to add one or more captions to your movie project. The Captions tool also takes advantage of the Text Tools Format tab, but whereas previously you are restricted by a solid background colour, the Captions tool allows you to display text over the top of the video clip.

This offers various options – for instance you might use captions as a fun way of commenting on what is taking place in the video clip, or you might use them in place of the titles or end credits.

The same text tools are available for captions, which can also be dragged to appear in various positions around the screen.

Adding Credits to Your Window Live Movie Maker Project

Finally you can add Credits to the end of the project. These might be for you to claim the role of director or to specify the location the movie was recorded, if you opt to use the default options, but you can add custom credits using the Credits > Credits option, which gives you editable text that can be resized, positioned and altered with the Text Tools Format tab.

Note that as with the Title option you can position the credits before or after any clip in the movie project; also note that each of the text options in Window Live Movie Maker can be enhanced further still with a selection of Effects, found on the right-hand side of the Text Tools Format menu.

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