Adding Sound to Windows Live Movie Maker

March 8, 2011, By Christian Cawley

When you’re working on a Windows Live Movie Maker project, you might decide that the soundtrack you already have is lacking in some way, or is largely inadequate.

For instance you might have compiled a collection of clips that are intended only to be accompanied by music, or you might have a completely silent movie (possibly captured from an old cine film) that you want to enhance with a suitable soundtrack.

In order to achieve this, Windows Live Movie Maker includes the ability to add additional sound to your movie project as well as mix between your new sound and any previous sound that was present on the clips that make up the project.

Adding sound to Windows Live Movie Maker

Adding Music to a Windows Live Movie Maker Project

When you’re adding and editing clips to your Windows Live Movie Maker project, the dialogue that already exists on the recording will in most cases be all that you need. However if you’re planning on representing some recorded activity with lots of cuts that would break up the dialogue you might opt to add some music.

This can be achieved on the Home tab using the Add music option. All you need to do to add a soundtrack of your choice is to browse for suitable music and you can then press on and make the necessary changes. Multiple audio clips can be added to a project, although these must run sequentially; you cannot multi-track the audio.

Adjusting Audio Tracks in Windows Live Movie Maker

There are various ways in which you might adjust the audio that you have added to a project. Once an audio track is added, the Music Tools Options tab will appear, affording some additional tools.

Using this you can set the Music volume, allowing you to set the new audio track at volume you want. You might also set a Fade in or Fade out on the selected audio, as well as split it up and set start points and end point, which can either be done by manually adding the actual time in seconds or by using the sliders. A combination of the two approaches will help you get the new audio to start and finish at exactly the point you want it to.

Remember also that you can drag and drop the audio track around the timeline displayed in the right pane using your mouse.

As we’ve seen already, with Windows Live Movie Maker utility you can add music to clips that already have their own soundtrack. But surely this would produce an untidy audio soundtrack?

In most cases yes – in fact you will have to make an adjustment in almost every case unless you’re very fortunate with the original and additional audio. However using the Project > Audio mix tool you will be able to find a balance, if required, between the original audio track on the video and the one you have added.

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