Mortal Kombat Demo This Week!

March 6, 2011, By Christian Cawley

PlayStation Network subscribers are in for a treat this week as a demo of Mortal Kombat is released on March 8th, putting gamers in charge of the fight and the chance to control iconic warriors Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Mileena and Johnny Cage!

Mortal Kombat demo for PS3 coming soon!

The Mortal Kombat demo will be available exclusively for PlayStation Plus members globally on March 8th and then open to all PSN users worldwide on March 15th; meanwhile Xbox Live Arcade users will have to wait a bit longer – but certainly no longer than the title’s multi-platform release date of April 19th!

Returning to the legendary fighting game franchise’s roots, Mortak Kombat reinvents its classic 2D fighting mechanic in addition to adding new game-play features including tag team, a deeper story mode, and nostalgic arcade battle online and offline. An extensive lineup of the series most iconic warriors will be available to choose from as players challenge friends in traditional PvP matches and new game modes.

Meanwhile the PlayStation 3 release will see fans able to play as and against infamous God of War fighter Kratos and take advantage of the game in Stereoscopic 3D!

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