Mobile Apps for Social Good?

March 6, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Are a force for good, or an agentof evil? Do you fight on the side of righteousness or revel in chaos?

Do you even believe in such concepts?

Mobile apps for social good come to Android

Applications for Good (also known as A4G) is forming a partnership with PapayaMobile to provide Android developers with access to the popular social gaming platform for building and promoting new social games, as well as mentors in both game development and philanthropy to build purposeful apps that make an impact.

It’s all very noble, but what exactly do these two groups hope to achieve? The idea of A4G is to engage with companies, philanthropic organizations and developers to create applications that help users enter the economic mainstream. By attracting developers with this partnership, A4G hope to use game mechanics and social networks to reach a wider audience.

PapayaMobile’s role will be to assist A4G developers by providing its suite of social gaming tools and industry expertise on how to successfully create and distribute games on mobile platforms, as well as provide options on how to profit from or “monetize” the games. The idea is that sooner rather than later we will see mobile games that promote not-for-profit organizations and their work, providing gamers with an understanding of these programs and ways in which they might personally get involved.

More information on this unusual partnership can be found by visiting or

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