Installing Market and Non-Market Android Apps

March 5, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Installing an app or game on an Android phone is really easy – all you need to do is browse to the Market app and downloaded the title, possibly paying for it if required.

But what if you’re browsing the web on a computer and you see an app you want? Thanks to QR codes you can quickly download the app by scanning your PC or laptop display, allowing for over the air installation that downloads the app direct from the Market.

Installing Market and Non-Market Android Apps

While iPhone and Windows Phone users are restricted from access third party app market, Android users can access apps that aren’t available in the Market, so we’ll also take a look at some popular resources for non-Market apps and games…

Installing Apps and Games via the Market App

For most Android users, the main way of installing an app is via the Market. This available as a shortcut on the main Android display as well as in the menu of installed programs, and once you have opened the Market app you will be able to browse applications and games, search the Market for apps and update any that you have previously downloaded.

Once you have found an app that you want, tap to read the details and then tap Install. You will be able to check the status of the download by dragging the status bar – in most cases apps shouldn’t take too long to install.

Using a Barcode Reader App and a QR Code

Among the various types of utility available in the Android Market are barcode readers, useful apps that use your phone’s camera as a barcode reader. This functionality sometimes comes packaged in other apps – for instance you might scan the barcode of a grocery item to add it to a shopping list on your phone – but is most popular as a means of installing software. A good barcode reader is Barcode Scanner which is available free.

There are various ways to view the Android Market away from your phone – one popular choice is which offers a current version of the Market as a webpage to view on your PC. Apps are presented with details and reviews, and QR codes (square barcodes that can be read with a barcode reader app) are displayed, allowing you to point your camera phone at your computer display to install apps.

Non-Market Apps and Games

In addition to the Android Market and third party websites for viewing it, you might find useful apps in other locations. There are various non-Market Android app repositories on the web, which offer downloads either by QR codes or by offering an APK file to save to your PC.

One such site is Android Freeware (found at where apps and games can be found, but you might also use or even – all of these sites offer safe and reputable apps, but remember that when looking for apps outside the Market you are taking a risk…

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