Windows Live Movie Maker – Effects and Themes

March 4, 2011, By Christian Cawley

When you’re creating your own home movie project, you will want it to look as professional as possible, as quickly as possible. There are several ways of achieving this – you might use transitions between each clip for instance, or set up some on-screen titles to identify the people in the project.

By taking advantage of Windows Live Movie Maker’s pre-designed themes, however, you can add an instant polish to your movie project. While these themes might be limited in scope they can be used quickly and effectively to paper over some of the cracks or just save you the time that you might spend choosing the right transition.

Themes and effects in Windows Live Movie Maker

In addition to themes, Windows Live Movie Maker also features a selection of interesting tools that can be used to achieve various visual effects, from creating an over-exposed look to applying spins and more.

Previewing and Using Themes in Windows Live Movie Maker

With your movie project open you can take advantage of the Windows Live Movie Maker themes in just a few moments. Accessed via the Home tab, there are six themes available (seven are shown, but the first is your project as it appears before any changes are made) in the AutoMovie Themes section, with names like Contemporary, Cinematic, Sepia and so on.

These can easily be previewed on your own movie project without any lasting damage occurring – you can either mouse over the theme of your choice and watch the preview window to see how it looks, or you can apply the chance straight away and revert to the Default theme if you’re unhappy with the outcome.

Visual Effects in Windows Live Movie Maker

In addition to pre-packaged themes for your movie, you might also want to use one of the many Visual Effects that are available in the software.

There are many effects, useful for a number of different purposes. For instance, you might have a movie project in mind where clips of someone shopping will be played out against a soundtrack – but the difference duration would result in some considerable repetition. You might get around this by using the Mirror horizontal effect on some of the clips, allowing you to double-up on clips.

Again, visual effects in Windows Live Movie Maker can be previewed and tested out before applying, but you can also apply multiple effects – for instance you might want to use the Hue effect with the imposing Warp effect to create a sensation of disorientation.

The Multiple effects… screen is available by expanding the Effects menu in Windows Live Movie Maker. Here, the list of Available effects can be browsed through, and when you find the ones you want to use for the currently selected clip press the Add >> button. Once added, effects can be reordered with the Move up and Move down buttons or you might << Remove them

As well as all of these choices (which you can Apply to all clips in your project) there is also a Brightness slider available on this tab which will allow you to adjust brightness as you play each clip.

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