Guild Wars 2 is Coming…

March 4, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Heading for the PAX East even (beginning March 11th) in the Alienware, NVIDIA and Logitech booths is the playable demo version Guild Wars 2, the long anticipated sequel to the popular subscription free Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

Guild Wars 2 Thief profession

Over the past few months developers ArenaNet have been slowly revealing the various new professions that will appear in the game, with “Thief” the most recent. More than likely, however, you’re not heading to PAX East – so what can you expect from Guild Wars 2?

Well in terms of the thief profession, as a master of stealth and surprise, he or she is deadly in single combat – particularly when catching enemies off guard. They compensate for relatively low armour and health by being quick and evasive, can travel through the shadows, vanish into thin air, or steal items from their opponents and use them as weapons. That last part sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, as other professions rely on a recharge rate for their weapon skills, thieves in combat can rely on Initiative. This means that weapon skills cost Initiative points, but on the plus side they have no recharge time, so thieves can use them repeatedly! Other abilities for the thief  include the obvious Stealth, alongside Shadow Stepping, Traps, and Dual Skills. Weapons-wise, a mixture of melee and ranged weapons are available, with swords, daggers, pistols and bows suitable for this character type.

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