Direct2Drive Launch Casual Channel with $2 Tuesdays!

March 4, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Not everyone who games spends hours at a time in front of their PC or games console – some only get a few hours a month. So it is good to see that have recognised this, and launched a Casual Games store which provides users, the ability to download and play a wide variety of casual titles free for up to 60 minutes each.

Direct2Drive Casual Launched

Not only that, to celebrate the launch of the Casual Games Channel, is gifting every visitor from today through March 16th a FREE full game digital download of best-selling strategy game, Westward from Sandlot Games. That’s a freebie of just under $7, so it’s well worth taking them up on the offer.

Among other casual games you will find on the channel are Bejeweled, Plants vs. Zombies, Jewel Quest, and many others, and while Direct2Drive’s core community consists of PC and Mac gamers (who generally fall into the groups of MMO fans, FPS fans, RPG fans, etc.) they seem to have discovered that the casual community has been growing considerably.

As such Direct2Drive will be delivering this new focus for Casual gamers in the shape of  a site with less ads and even a $2 Tuesdays promotion, where gamers will get the chace to buy popular casual titles for $2 apiece.

For more details on this great new focus on casual gaming, visit

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