2011 Honda Accord facelift debuts in Geneva

March 4, 2011, By Alex Ion

When it comes to buying a mobile phone you’re always worried something new and better will be out next day. But is it the same when you buy a car? I could say yes, because I am in the market (actually already paid for it) for a Honda Accord and a new version has just been announced.

So what is this new and better that I am talking about? It’s the new Honda Accord facelift, the 2011 Euro model, that has just been introduced at the Geneva Motor Show.

The 2011 Honda Accord is only “subtly enhanced,” according tot he Japanese company. On the inside not much have changed other than the thicker rear windows, the new upholstery options or the additional sound deadening material. The Type-S model (Executive in these parts of the world) does, however, come with faux metallic trim and red ambient lighting.

On the outside, the revised bumpers and the new grille get the eye. So does the re-freshened tail lights. But nothing major to really make me sad that I am buying the 2009 model. Except if you’re into greater detail when it comes to the rear camera. It now has a CMOS sensor that allows it to detect oncoming traffic and automatically activate the low beams.

Tech wise, the 2011 Accord comes with minor mods to the engines which are now more fuel efficient and come with improved emissions. The most important change is for the 2.2L i-DTEC diesel that outputs the same 150hp, but with CO2 emissions of only 138 g/km.

The 2011 Honda Accord will be available in Europe starting from April.

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